Since inventing the very first domestic cooker hood, Faber have been dedicated to the development of the very latest in extraction technology.


Faber cooker hoods are built using the quietest possible motors which provide high quality extraction power with minimal sound output.


Faber are a market leader in energy efficient cooker hoods, creating beautiful extractors which have a significantly reduced environmental impact.



Since we invented the very first cooker hood, we have transformed the hood from a humble furnishing accessory into an essential item of kitchen equipment – safe, stylish and functional. Pioneering is in our DNA.

We are constantly exploring new ideas, acquiring new knowledge and investigating new extraction technology.

The Faber Group of industries is already present in 8 countries and on 3 continents. Thanks to our commitment, tenacity, passion and dynamism, we continue to grow, investing in new extraction technology, production techniques and leading edge design.


The Faber story – and with it the story of the first kitchen cooker hood – began a long time ago in a small workshop.

Many years have passed since then. Decades in fact, during which time we have concentrated on improving the design, functionality and quality of our hoods. Today we are one of the world’s top hood manufacturers. Faber was the first company ever to make kitchen hoods, and we are still the number one today, in quality and quantity.

The Faber story is one of achievement and growth over the years. Sixty years that have given us unique experience and brought us unrivalled success. In this time, every new product has taken us one step nearer to perfection, and given us new vision and understanding.

Faber’s quest for quality and innovation has been a breath of fresh air for the home.

The Faber Range

Wall hoods


The Cylindra is part of the wall design collection of Faber cooker hoods.

With a cylindrical wall mounted body, the Cylindra is a slim line, innovative cooker hood. Available in stainless steel, the Cylindra is a modern take on the kitchen extractor hood.

The Cylindra is packed full of useful Faber extractor technology such as a filter cleaning alarm and the intensive setting which is useful when maximum extraction is needed for a short period in order to clear the kitchen of odours.

LED lights are fitted to the hood to light up the cooking area perfectly and a remote control can be ordered as an accessory to provide maximum versatility.

The Glam Fit

The Glam-Fit hood is a minimal contemporary style wall hood. The Glam-Fit is a completely flat hood with a vertical glass surface and clear surrounding, which allows it to stand out from angled glass wall hoods.

The Glam-Fit also features impressive performance with an energy efficiency class A. Its stunning design comes in two beautiful finishes of black or white glass and is available in two sizes including a “small” 55cm and 80cm.

Ceiling Hoods

Sky Light

The Sky Light is the latest addition to the Faber’s ceiling hood range.

With timeless good looks and a choice of stainless steel or white glass finish, the Sky light nestles into any kitchen design.

The Sky Light has a extraction rate of 650m3/h.  This hood is equipped with an easy-to-use remote control, and numerous functions. These include perimeter aspiration that accelerates air flow and reduces noise. Additionally, the ceiling hood has handy timer settings to clear unwanted odours after cooking.

This hood has a unique motor design with 4 adjustable air outlet positions.


The High-Light is an innovative addition to Faber’s collection of ceiling mounted cooker hoods. The High-Light is a member of the “Light” family of cooker hoods.

The High-Light features stylish perimeter LED lighting and is available in a choice of finishes including stainless steel and matt white.

The High-Light has 2 widths to choose from and comes equipped with a remote control for ease of use.

The High-Light has an easy to install inner system – the compact motor system fits seamlessly into tight ceiling spaces making the High-Light a versatile cooker hood.

Island Hoods


Featuring Faber’s exclusive “up&down” technology, the Pareo Plus is a distinctive addition to the F-Light range of island cooker hoods.

Using a periscopic motion that brings the extraction unit towards the hob area when needed to provide powerful extraction, the Pareo extends and retracts in a unique spiralling motion, creating a distinctive focal point in the kitchen.

Available in either sleek stainless steel or the burnished bronze Tibetan Silver finish, the Pareo is a mesmerising addition to the kitchen.

Please note: The Pareo is available in ducted mode only and is not available in a recirculating version.


The Nest Plus is part of Faber’s F-Light range: The F-Light range features Faber’s unique “up&down” technology that allows the extraction unit to be lowered to the cooking station when needed and raised back into the glass exterior when not in use. The extraction unit has Miro LED Lights to light up the hob below and a remote control is supplied with the Nest.

The Nest Plus also features a stunning hand-poured glass exterior lamp section that houses the powerful extraction unit within.

 6 light fittings are also located within that allow the Nest to be completely illuminated, creating a beautiful chandelier effect. *

The Nest is designed to work on recirculating mode, however, an F-Light Ducting kit is available as an accessory for those looking to connect to external ducting.

Integrated Hoods


The In-Light is part of the “Light” family of cooker hoods from Faber.

The In-Light is a stylish integrated design cooker hood that can be easily installed into cabinets. The slim depth of the In-Light makes it a versatile kitchen extractor, suitable for the tightest of spaces.

The In-Light has beautiful perimeter LED lighting that provides a consistent light source to the hob area beneath. The In-Light built-in cooker hood is available in either a 52cm or 70cm width with a choice of 2 stylish finishes: Matt White or Stainless Steel.

A remote control is included with the In-Light.

External Motor Hoods

Why choose a cooker hood with an external motor?

1. To eliminate the noise from the cooker hood within the home.

2. Allows the motor to be located completely outside of the home.

The Chloe XL

A modern take on the classic wall cooker hood, Chloé is now available in an extra large version with a width of 110cm. Choose from 2 stunning finishes including cast iron and country grey matt. Chloé’s stylish tones perfectly reflect the latest trends in urban kitchen design.

The Chloé is treated with special varnishes which have been developed to create long lasting and durable scratch and chemical resistance coatings. As a result, this makes the Chloé a robust wall hood that will endure everyday use from a busy household.


The Galileo is an innovative flush fitting combination hob and hood extractor from Faber. The Galileo fits perfectly into a 60cm wide worktop and can be installed with drawers underneath the worktop due to space saving technology.

The Galileo hob is designed for ease and flexibility whilst cooking as it has 4 induction zones that can bridge to 2 large zones making it ideal for cooking with larger pans.

This extractor and hob combination is suitable for both island and wall positioning due to to Faber’s improved and easy to install ducting system.

The Galileo hood will automatically turn on at the most suitable speed, adapting the extraction capacity to suit the cooking level of the hob.

The hood motor is covered by a durable, heat-proof cast iron grid and the waterproof motor underneath can easily cope with spills.

The Galileo is easy to install allows for enough free space inside the cabinet for a utensil drawer to be fitted directly underneath.