Siemens iQ700 Oven Features

Simply fast. With varioSpeed and coolStart

100% flavour and up to 50% time savings. With varioSpeed and coolStart it’s easy to be twice as fast – pressing a button is all it takes. The integrated microwave helps with more than just thawing and warming. By adding microwave heat to the selected heat type, it reduces the preparation time of all your dishes in the oven. Frozen yet full of flavour The coolStart function also speeds the cooking of frozen foods – no preheating necessary. That saves time and energy.

ActiveClean® automatic self-cleaning. For the perfect kitchen

Now you can enjoy your meals even more. Thanks to activeClean® you don’t have to worry about cleaning the oven. Just press a button, and your oven cleans itself. In a process which is known as pyrolysis, the oven is heated to a very high temperature that causes the food remnants inside to turn to ashes. You can then simply wipe out the oven. It is not only the most efficient way to clean the entire oven interior – including the new pyrolysis-proof racks and rails – but also the most convenient. activeClean® makes it possible.

cookControl Plus: Pre-installed settings ensure best results

Cook like the pros – without the effort Thanks to innovative technology, this can become reality. With cookControl Plus, Siemens has built a cookbook right into the oven.

The cookControl Plus function in your oven or cooker provides individual setting recommendations for perfect preparation of your dishes. All you have to do is select the dish and enter the weight. The oven or cooker does the rest. cookControl Plus makes sure you always get the best results, for a wide range of dishes.

Perfect baking results with 4D hotAir and rack pull-out system

Full flexibility to choose the rack you want to cook on. The innovative fan motor technology gives ideal heat distribution throughout the oven interior. Your dishes come out just like you want them, whether on the top, bottom or middle rack.

You’ll never again have to ponder which level to put a baking sheet on. Whatever you bake, with the convenient pull-out system it always comes out right. You stay flexible at all levels.

Adjusts to your needs. The TFT-Touchdisplay Plus

You can benefit from TFT-Touchdisplay Plus. Its user-friendly menu structure and easy to use touch navigation makes the operation of your oven incredibly simple. Let your iQ700 oven guide you through the extensive choices in its menu, and set it to fit your cooking habits. It’s easy with TFT-Touchdisplay Plus.

The user-friendly menu navigation of the TFT-Touchdisplay Plus makes it simple to set your oven or cooker to fit your eating and cooking habits. And the TFT-Touchdisplay Plus is clear and intuitive to use.